PCWA's Current Water Enhancement Projects


Our association works diligently to facilitate projects and funds to enhance the water quality of Piney Creek and its tributaries. 

Over the past 16 years, PCWA has successfully implemented many projects that you may be aware of, such as the mine land restoration behind the Beckley YMCA Soccer Complex. Now, learn about what we are currently working on.

WWHS Wetland Restoration


This wetland restoration project will reduce the fecal coliform levels currently found in the pond in front of Woodrow Wilson High School, Beckley, WV. 

When completed, the pond will be restored into a natural wetland area with butterfly gardens, pollinator species, and interpretive signage for the community to learn about the wetlands' benefits. 

New River Drive Erosion Control


This project is located on a former coal mining site. This land's previous use has made it difficult for vegetation to take root and reclaim the area, leading to a barren piece of land with high sediment runoff into the stream. We are working to bring nutrients back into the soil to revegetate and stabilize the sediment. 

By reducing the sediment load into the stream, we enhance aquatic habitat and increase the water's oxygen levels.  

Shady Spring Wetland Restoration


In the headwaters of Piney Creek is a small wetland behind the Shady Spring Library. We are enhancing this wetland by restoring bio swell features and improving the drainage from the nearby parking lot. 

Along with environmental improvements, this will be used as an educational space to learn about the importance of wetlands.