Piney Creek Watershed Association was founded in 2004 by a small group of concerned citizens who wished to make a difference in their community by improving the water quality in our local streams. This group realized that stream quality reflects the surrounding environment and that improved stream quality would come from efforts to control polluted runoff, faulty sewage treatment, erosion, litter, and other environmental detriments.

The non-profit group has made progress over the years by raising awareness of the environment through education and outreach activities, including stream cleanups, rain barrel and rain garden workshops, water monitoring efforts, storm drain marking, developing outdoor recreation opportunities, informative member meetings, and our annual watershed celebration.

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Executive Director

Corey Lilly, a recent graduate of West Virginia University, bleeds not only gold but mostly blue. The wild rivers of West Virginia run deep within his veins. It is only natural that he obtained his bachelors in Geology with an emphasis in Hydro-Geology considering he is a professional whitewater kayaker. Corey has discovered some of the most remote places in the world by way of his kayak for over a decade now.

Before he turned to professional kayaking, Corey was on the Elan Skis U.S. Freestyle Ski Team where he traveled the country skiing alongside the world’s best. He is also the founder of Content C LLC; a strategic content communications production company. Corey is now the head of several different media projects across West Virginia that range in diversity but ultimately come back to his mission of river conservation, promoting public lands, and outdoor recreation development. Corey joined PCWA as the Executive Director in 2019, bringing a unique blend of skills in multimedia production, watershed management, and community outreach. His quality of life is directly impacted by the quality of the rivers he plays in. As such, it is his goal to make the Piney Creek watershed as pristine as possible.


Jim and his wife Barbara are originally from northern Kentucky and have lived in Beckley for over 30 years. Jim worked as an ecologist at the USDA-ARS research center in Beaver before retiring in 2012. Since then Jim has worked in higher education in both full-time and adjunct instructor positions at New River Community and Technical College, Concord University, and WVU Tech. Jim has served Piney Creek Watershed Association in a number of roles including Executive Director, board member, and now Associate Director.

Jim has always enjoyed the outdoors and loves the streams and woodlands of West Virginia. He continues to be amazed at the scenic beauty our area has to offer and hopes that more people will take advantage of the growing local trail systems to experience, appreciate, and be moved to preserve and protect the natural treasure of the Piney Creek Watershed.

Associate Director


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Gary Morefield

Gary Morefield

Gary is the heartbeat of trails in the watershed. He was recognized by the Governor for his unparalleled volunteer work in the state. If you have hiked or mountain biked in the gorge it is likely a trail Gary has worked on.

- Outdoor Recreation Committee

- Board Member


Tom Lemke

Tom is the acting Chair of PCWA. He has guided and led the association through the years of growth and success.

- Chair

- Finance Committee 


Phyllis Farley

- Vice-Chair

- Finance Committee, Chair


Teresa Sopher

Teresa serves as PCWA's Secretary, as well as interim Treasurer. Growing up, she never met a camp she didn't like and attended as many as possible. This led to a deep love of the outdoors...and it's protection.

- Executive Board

- Fundraising Committee

- Monitoring Committee

- Finance Committee


Mathew Wade


Ken Dunlap

Ken is a retired chemist, moving to the Beckley area from the northern panhandle in 2007.  He enjoys the beautiful mountains and streams of West Virginia and strives to keep them for future generations.

- Water Monitoring Committee, Chair

- Board Member


Jim Reed

Prior to retirement in 2012, Jim was the Special Assistant to the Director of the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources. He was also the Fisheries Biologist for 8 southeastern counties that included Raleigh County and particularly “Piney Creek”. Jim was a charter member of PCWA since 2004.


Jeremiah Johnson


Barry Milam


Detlef Ulfers

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Zach Armentrout