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Our Focus

When we think of preservation, we think about ways we can remediate damage to our watershed.  We deflect trash, develop and manage wetlands, revegetate barren areas, stock trout and take on other special interest projects to keep nature flowing as it deserves. 

Protect Piney Creek

We work to protect the watershed by educating the community about our water resources.  We maintain trails, monitor streams monthly, install pet waste stations, educate on rain barrels and manage projects to help alleviate our broader impact on the watershed.

Promote Piney Creek

To promote Piney Creek we encourage folks to get out and experience the scenic beauty of our watershed for themselves. We help develop and maintain trails, hold annual Earth Day and Watershed Festivals and cooperate with community partners to celebrate the gem in our backyard, the Piney Creek Gorge.

Preserve Piney Creek

Where we shine.

Monthly stream monitoring was initiated in January 2019 and is our most organized and proud effort.  The knowledge accrued through this effort continues to grow as we consistently monitor 27 sites throughout the Piney Creek Watershed.  Volunteers record pH, conductivity, suspended solids, temperature, and visual attributes at each site. Water samples are collected and returned to the lab to determine levels of bacterial contamination.


The strength of the partnerships with the Beckley Sanitary Board and the faculty and students of WVU Tech are a large part of our success. The hard work and expertise of our board members and community volunteers contribute to the continued success of the program.  


"A deep passion for clean water is at the core of all we do." 
Jim Fedders, Associate Director

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