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We work to protect the Piney Creek Watershed and educate the community about the prize in our backyard. We monitor the water monthly, install pet waste stations, educate about rain barrels and manage projects to alleviate our impact on the broader watershed.  We maintain hiking and biking trails that allow access to the scenic beauty of our streams and Piney Creek Gorge for all outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy. 

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PCWA Trail Maintenence

Trail Maintence

Piney Creek Watershed Association Volunteers assist with the development  and upkeep of hiking ang biking trails throughout the watershed.  Our volunteers are always looking for an opportunity to talk trails and share our philosophy about creating access to Piney Creek Watershed..

Stream monitoring was initiated in 2019 and has become a critical part of what we do. It guides our focus as we look to identify and remediate problems in the watershed.  Our knowledge and understanding of our streams continues to grow as we monitor 27 sites on a monthly basis throughout the watershed.  We record pH, conductivity, temperature, suspended solids, and visual attributes. Water samples are collected and returned to the lab to determine the amount of fecal bacterial contamination.


The success of the program is largely an extension of our strong partnership with the Beckley Sanitary Board and the faculty and students at WVU Tech. Our board members and other volunteers are critical to this program as well. 


Macroinvertebrate Study

We conduct periodic evaluations of stream macroinvertebrates at specific locations in our watershed.   Macroinvertebrates are animals without a backbone that can be seen without using a microscope or magnifying glass. Their populations are used to assess the health of freshwater environments. Some species are sensitive to stressors produced by pollution, habitat modification or severe natural events.  Sampling and identifying macroinvertebrates can reveal whether a body of water is healthy or unhealthy and may reveal the cause of the problem.



Pet Waste Stations

PCWA, with the help of Beckley Sanitary Board, manages 28+ Pet Waste Bag Stations in Raleigh County.   We focus on heavily trafficked recreation areas and road side pitstops where dogs are most frequently found.  If you have an idea for a location, we'd love to know!

Watershed Education

Education is at the core of all the we do.  Whether its students, parents, friends or new partners, we take the time to help our comrades understand the water cycle and the way water moves on land, underground, or down stream.   We stress the everyday activities that citizens can undertake to help keep our streams clean.


Rain Barrels

Rain barrels capture water from a roof and store it for later use on lawns or gardens. Collecting roof runoff in rain barrels reduces the amount of water that flows from your property. It's a great way to conserve water and it's free water for use in your landscape.

We hold periodic workshops for residents to build their own rain barrels and provide guidance on where best to site them at home.


Project Management

When we can, we will offer our staff and board members to manage projects for the good of the community.  We work with a growing number of partners with a wide range of knowledge and expertise. We're in the business of doing favors and making friends. Don't hesitate to contact us if in need of environmental guidance or insight with an issue that you are facing..

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