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There aren't many things that are universally cool, and it's cool not to litter. I'd never do it.

Matthew McConaughey


Roadside Litter

Piney Creek Watershed Association partners with the Solid Waste Authority and Raleigh County Make it Shine to organize roadside clean ups in the Spring and Summer.   We work with local councils, community groups, businesses, state agencies and other partners to target the most-littered items and locations.

Stream Clean Up

A stream cleanup is an organized trash removal effort. It usually takes place next to a stream in the Watershed, but it can focus on the land area or storm drains that flow eventually to Piney Creek.


Trail Maintenance

Trails don't just take of themselves— volunteers work hard to keep trails safe for visitors. Trail crews consider many factors when they plan trail maintenance. The history of the area and the materials used to build the trail.  Gary Morefield, pictured here, is the "trail guy" who leads the planning of maintenance and new development at the Piney Creek trail System.

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