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So, good. You want to talk about it.

You've got a friend in us.

We're the kind of friend you want to have. You know, the one who runs towards the problem, asks the hard questions, looks at all the angles and finds the best solution for everyone.  We are a group of concerned citizens fighting for clean recreational water for the betterment of all.  

With the newest National Park in our backyard, it's more important than ever we do our part to clean up the Piney Creek Watershed.  While we have several members who are scientists, we also have conservationists, businessmen and women, adventurists, young families and retirees all concerned for the greater good of the Watershed.  If you think you might fit in, we are always looking for new members to join us and collaborate toward a better tomorrow.

Earth Day Soiree

Aryn Fonda,
Weathered Ground 

As part of Weathered Ground's mission statement, we've always tried to work closely with our community to ensure our little piece of heaven in southern WV continues to flourish. Piney Creek Water Association is one organization that we can stand behind. Their passion for improving our area is evident in everything they do! Their entire staff and board are committed to a better tomorrow for many generations to come. We are thrilled to work with them and thank them for all they do!

Tom Sopher,
City Councilman

I have always thought about PCWA as Beckley's "Green Club".  Who wouldn't want to work with an organization that focuses on the environment for us and our children's future!?!  

Kathy Storage,
Girl Scouts

The impact that all of us made together…….Piney Creek Watershed Group, the various other community partners, and the Girl Scouts and their families,  no matter how young or old, was absolutely wonderful!  I just keep thinking about the total impact of what we all did together. 

What's so great about PCWA?

A big thanks to Our Sponsors!
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If you're interested in befriending us, please let us know!

We are excited to partner with anyone who loves (or is mildly interested in) our Watershed!  Whether you're an individual, business, government entity, school, church or other non-profit, we're always interested in new volunteers, members, partners or sponsors.  Send us a note to explain your interest in us!

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