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PCWA navigating COVID-19

"We have always worked the traditional way with a handshake and a smile but COVID no longer allows us to do that. We recently took a big leap forward to keep protecting our watershed." -Corey Lilly, Executive Director

Welcome to PCWA's first blog post! This blog was created to keep our members and supporters informed of the ongoing operations here at Piney Creek Watershed Association so we all can participate in process of restoring and preserving our slice of heaven in Raleigh County. We hope by keeping you in the loop, you too can engage bring new things to the table!

It is the Beckley and Raleigh County community that drives our mission and work. We want you to get involved!

How we adapted our organization to the restraints of COVID

As everyone in the world knows, COVID has had an enormous impact on our daily lives. We have had to learn to adapt and push forward in new ways. Historically, PCWA has always had a very hands-on approach to our business relationships and operations. Right as COVID was making its way into the United States, we were also making our way into multiple big projects. To keep these projects from failing, we had to take swift action in becoming a nearly completely remote organization.

We now have all of our board meetings, committee meetings, and project meetings virtually. Both the PCWA Executive Director and Associate Director work from home unless supplies are needed from our office space in the Mac Arthur PSD. Luckily, most of our volunteer activities, such as water monitoring and our monthly litter clean up, are in an outside area, but even those needed logistical changes.

All in all, we have made a smooth transition into working remotely and adapting to COVID! We are immensely proud considering how we have historically operated.

We hope you have been able to have a smooth transition in your life as well. We know times are not easy right now, but we hope our ongoing trail and outdoor recreation work in the Piney Creek Gorge help you stay healthy!

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