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Request for Proposals

Piney Creek Watershed Association (PCWA) is accepting grant proposals to support our stream monitoring efforts in the Piney Creek watershed in Raleigh County, West Virginia. The mission of PCWA is to improve and protect the waters within the Piney Creek watershed by educating the community on local water issues and completing remediation projects. We are dedicated to preserving, conserving, and monitoring the health of Piney Creek and its tributaries.

The organization has been collecting monthly stream quality data from 21 locations in the watershed starting in January 2019. We are seeking proposals from non-profit or educational organizations to perform data organization, data sharing, data analysis, and report development needed to evaluate and interpret water quality data from our monitoring efforts. The final report will summarize our work to date and address the following in regards to the monitoring project:

• What has been done?

• What have we found?

• What do our results mean?

• Recommendations for projects or initiatives based on the monitoring data.

• Recommendations for possible ways to modify our monitoring program in the future to better address our attempts to document water quality in our watershed.

Project timelines

• May 4, 2022 - Deadline for proposal submission

• May 10, 2022 - Selection of grant recipient

• August 15, 2022 – Draft report available for review by PCWA

• August 31, 2022 – Final report is due

We anticipate one grant to be awarded not exceed $4000. Funds cannot be used for indirect costs, such as any administrative or overhead expenses. Proposals should include a scope of work, budget, and budget justification. Proposals and questions should be emailed to Jim Fedders, PCWA Executive Director,


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